Melsmon Human Placenta Extract

Melsmon Human Placenta

Originally from Japan - 2ml/vial x 50 ampoules in 1 box

Manufacturer: Melsmon Pharmaceutical (Merusumon pharmaceutical)

Product Contains: Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract 100 mg / 1 vial

Main content: Nucleic acid, amino acids, natural placental immunoglobulin, cell growth factor group, multi-type collagen ingredients and nutrients.

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What is Human Placenta?

The placenta acts as an agent between the mother's baby and the embryo when a new baby is formed in mammals, enabling it to develop and grow using oxygen and nutrients from its mother.

The placenta has a history of medicinal use starting more than 2000 years ago.
1) It was used as an elixir of eternal youth during the Qin Dynasty in China.
2) It was used as a nourishing herbal medicine for physical and mental tireness and weakness in Ming Dynasty.
3) It was used for rejuvenation and beauty Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette during the ancient time.

Currently, placenta extract is available in Japan in the form of inj as an oral medicine and as health food and beauty products

Nutrients in Human Placenta

Human Placenta contains of three major nutrient groups - carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and also a wide range of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and nucleic acids.

1)   Amino acid (the basic building blocks for protein) Lysine, Asphastic, Acid, Leucine, Glutamic Acid and etc. Placenta contains more than 30 kinds of amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids such as cystine, cysteine, leucine, arginine, serine and jiric acid. Amino acids are the basic substances that make up proteins in human cells. Therefore, it is the basic unit of tissue repair, the constituent components of enzymes and hormones, and some of the energy is also derived from them. It plays an important role in the growth and development of adolescents and the health and longevity of middle-aged and elderly people.

2)   Protein Casein and phosphoprotein. Human Placenta is rich in multi-type collagen, the skin ageing with the increase of age, the collagen component in the skin dermis is degenerated, the collagen component is reduced, the skin’s toughness and elasticity are reduced. Once when the collagen component is supplement, it will restore the elasticity and toughness of the skin.

3)   Natural placental immunoglobulin, Enzymes  Alkaline phosphates, Creatine phosphokinase and more than 55 types of enzymes. (Placenta contains almost all the essential enzymes required by the human body) Placental tissue fluid is rich in HGG, TSH (thyrotropin), prolactin, steroid hormone and antibody protein, especially for women with severe skin aging.  It can improve sexual function, delay the thinning of vaginal mucosa and the relaxation of perineal sphincter. It also heals endocrine disorders caused by menopausal syndrome and irregular menstruation, it improves skin wrinkles, pigment spots and so on. Antibody proteins can improve the body’s resistance to infectious diseases especially respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

4)   Sugar  Glucose, fructose, lactose

5)   Nucleic acid elements Uracil, Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine, Xanthine. Nucleic acid is the basic substance in the human nucleus and plays an important role in cell growth and proliferation, especially in maintaining the normal metabolism of skin tissue, promoting the vitality of skin cells and enhancing the repair of damaged cells. It determines the aging process of cells.

6)   Minerals  Calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

7)   Vitamins  Vitamin B, vitamin V+B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folic Acid.

8)   Fats, lipase Cholesterol, phosphate and etc

9)   Polysaccarides  Mannose, acemannaus

10)  SA Amino Acid  Super active amino acid

11)  Various growth element
Human placenta is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF), basic velvetleaf growth factor (BFGF), platelet growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), islet cell growth factor (IGF) and Cell growth factor. All of these factors promote the production and division of the corresponding cells. Skin cells, fibroblasts, vascular endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, etc. are activated and grown. TGF also activates fibroblasts, inhibits the keratinocytes at the outermost layer of the epidermis, and synergizes with the cell growth factor group to significantly improve the skin, improve skin metabolism, and maintain skin radiance.

Even though some of the nutrients present in small quantity, but they are capable of promoting bodily growth and these include trace elements for the healthy development of nervous system, skin and blood vessels.

Benefits of Melsmon Human Placenta

  • Moisturizing effect - In high humidity retention power, will keep the skin hydrated and moist for a longer time.
  • Proliferation cell regeneration - To increase the metabolism, normalizes the turnover, and create a healthy skin.
  • Collagen production - Support the collagen production that determines the elasticity of the skin.
  • Blood circulation promotion - It promotes blood flow and make the skin healthy and beautiful.
  • Antioxidant action - Suppress the generation of active oxygen that causes aging.
  • Hormone secretion - Relieves the discomfort due to menopause, biological disorder, diabetic conditions, cold feet and piles, kidney ailment. Eliminates body odor.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect - Reduce the inflammation and redness in skins such as acne and skin itching.
  • Anti-allergic effect - Strengthen and restore the immune system to suppress the allergic reaction.
  • Immunostimulatory activity - To enhance the immunity, and create a strong and healthy skin. Revitalize the body during illness and after recuperation.
  • Skin Healing - Enhances the healing of skin membrane and wounds, Hypertensions, Inflammation for stomach and duodenum, gum disease, constipation.
  • Amino acid supplementation - To increase the energy metabolism of skin cells, and then supply the material of cell renewal.
  • Stimulate sexual desire - Improves in sexual desire and prevent impotence


Dosage: One ampule of 2ml Melsmon Placenta,  every 2-3 days.

Note: Melsmon is ONLY administered via Subcutaneous inj. / intramuscularly (IM) only
(For more details, please refer to article - human placenta injection methods) LINK HERE



  • Breast feeding period
  • Menstrual Period
  • Patient with cardiovascular problem
  • Patients examined with tumors such as Adenomas, Fibromas/ Fibroids and others.


### The effect of Melsmon placenta extracts highly relies on the individual's age and health condition. Effects can be seen as fast as one week in some patients and may take as much as 60 days in others.



A: Regeneration of cells is stimulated only up to a "normal" level. Besides, there is a medical factor in the composition of Melsmon that inhibits the growth of tumor cells, so it is impossible.

A: In the manufacturing process of Melsmon raw material passes the placenta molecular purification cycle. No pathogens shall ever be found in this medicine.

A:Raw material goes through careful selection and separation: only placenta that was received as a result of safe childbirth by healthy women is used for drug. No placenta got as a result of abortion is ever used for Melsmon production.

A: Aging begins at the age of 25, when decreasing amount of collagen and elastin start to affect elasticity and strength of skin, and its moisture level. Melsmon application can help delay aging symptoms.

A: These methods, if applied often, on the contrary, shall lead your skin to loss its elasticity and leads to quicker skin aging.

Customer Reviews

  • During menopause headaches due to high blood pressure became unbearable. I became moody and irritable, nothing pleased me. Insomnia and depression have become my best friends. The doctor advised to undergo treatment placental with Melsmon. I was skeptical about this recommendation, but agreed as there was nothing to lose for me. Soon I felt significant relief: blood pressure normalized, mood swings stopped. When I passed clinical tests, I discovered that in just two months the level of estrogen in my blood rose, and cholesterol decreased greatly! By the way, all my friends say that I look really prettier!
    Eren (52 years old)
  • I have always suffered from excess weight, but it did not bother me before I got serious health problems. I pulled myself together, and for two years decreased my weight using diets from 115 to 81 kg. I was glad to lose weight, but not quite happy about my skin grown old, wrinkles and dark circles around eyes. My doctor advised me to undergo Melsmon medical course in clinic. I agreed and made special treatment for my face, and the results were incredible! Like in that movie with Bruce Willis, where his wife, Meryl Streep, drinks a Potion. My skin became more fresh and young, Melsmon smoothed wrinkles. I also feel myself in great mood now! I am very pleased with the results!
    Nataly (44 years old)
  • I was having regular treatment with Melsmon . For me, the treatment brings visible effects. Though I do not often repeat procedures, effect remains for a long time. I only do it two or three times a year, but for several years already. Very pleased with the effect of this medicine.
    Sally (43 years old)
  • Actually I did lifting, but after that course my doctor advised me also to apply Melsmon . She said it is a novelty, a Japanese drug from placenta that delivers impressive results. Due to medical lifting, my skin tightened, and melsmon helped to remove pigmentation from the skin and it now really shines! I am very grateful to the doctor for this advice. All my friend are now asking me how I managed to get such impressive results.
    Anna (52 years old)
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