Laennec Human Placenta

Manufacturer: Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd.

Product Contain: Human placenta extract 112 mg / 1 vial

Packaging: 2 ml x 50 ampoules/ Box

Each 2 mL ampoule of this product contains 112 mg of a water-soluble human placenta hydrolysis by extracting.
This product is a light yellow-brown or yellow-brown clear liquid with a distinctive odor. The pH level ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 and the osmotic pressure ratio (to physiological saline) is approximately one.

Warning: - Laennec Injection is an ethical drug, which is available to medical doctors only. To guarantee authenticity, all
our item is shipped from Japan directly with security & authenticity stickers

Laennec is the ethical drug manufactured with JBP’s unique technologies for effective extraction of variety of growth factors, cytokines, and other physiologically active substances from the human placenta.

For instance, HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) promotes the proliferation of hepatic parenchymal cells for recovery of a damaged liver. Our product safety is ensured by the most rigid safety measures among existing scientific standards.

Benefits Of Using Laennec Placenta Injection & JBP Curacen Placenta Injection

  • Laennec human placenta and JBP Curacen human placenta is often used by beauty clinics and aesthetic salons for its advance beauty effects.
  • Human placenta is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the living body, and it has functions to add moisture to the skin, adjust texture, normalize turnovers and maintain healthy skin. Also it can be used for sensitive skin.
  • Human placenta extract also includes various kinds of grow-up elements and nucleic acid including Uracil and Tryptophan which has excellent effect of anti-oxidant action, so that it works for anti-aging effect through whitening of skin.
  • Human placenta extracts also have demonstrated immunostimulant effect, cell proliferation and moisturizing properties, along with differentiation of cell, collagen generation.
  • Human placenta also helps in skin whitening, skin brightening and the reduction of wrinkles, and for those
  • purposes, placenta injections are often performed. Therefore, the placenta is popular as a cosmetic
  • ingredient, and is also used as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical cosmetics for whitening.

Main Beautification Effects of Human Placenta

Whitening Suppresses the generation of the melanin pigment that causes age spots, and also removes age spots and dullness.
Moisture retention The ability to retain moisture maintains moist skin for a long time.
Cell proliferation and reproduction Enhances metabolism, normalizes turnovers and produces healthy kin.
Collagen generation Supports collagen generation, which determines skin elasticity.
Blood circulation promotion Promotes blood circulation and produces healthy, beautiful skin.
Antioxidation effect Suppresses the occurrence of the active enzymes that cause aging.
Anti-inflammatory effect Suppresses the inflammation caused by pimples, redness or itchiness, etc.
Anti-allergic effect Adjusts and recovers the immune system, and suppresses allergic
Immunostimulant effect Enhances immune system and produces strong, healthy skin.
Amino acid supplementation Increases energy metabolism of skin cells, and supplies material for cell reproduction.

Pharmacological Action of Human Placenta

  • Various medicine effects of placenta
  • Autonomous nervous system control
  • Endocrine hormone control
  • Liver functional enhancement and detox
  • Improvement of basal metabolism
  • Activation of the immunity system
  • Improving physical constitution
  • Anemia improvement
  • Recovery of tiredness
  • Blood circulation and hematogenesis effect
  • Anti-oxidant action
  • Wound treatment

Medical procedures in which placenta has been tested and demonstrated positive results in healing the below health issue

  • Viral and alcoholic type hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Dyspepsia
  • Duodenal ulcer
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure

It has been mentioned the role of placenta to restore balance and heal the human body for the below


  • Menopausal disorders
  • Algomenorrhea
  • Irregular menses
  • Lactation disorders


  • Arthritis rheumatoides
  • Arthrosis
  • Neuralgic pain
  • Back pain


  • Bladder enlargement
  • Cystitis


  1. Careful Administration (LAENNEC should be administered with care in the following patients.)
    Patients predisposed to allergies.
  2. Important Precautions
    [Explanation to patients]
    The necessity of this product for disease treatment, as well as the fact that despite the employment of safety measures to prevent the spread of infectious agents at the time of manufacture of this product, the risk of transmission of infectious agents from raw materials derived from human placenta cannot be completely eliminated, should be explained to the patient and every effort made to obtain their understanding.

(1) This product is manufactured from the extract of human placenta delivered full-term in Japan. Each placenta donor has received a medical interview about medical history, travel history, etc.
Furthermore, after screening for viral and bacterial infections by serological examination etc., nucleic acid amplification test (NAT) is performed on HBV-DNA, HCV-RNA and HIV-1-RNA.
In addition, it has been confirmed that high-pressure steam sterilization treatment at 121 °C. for 20 minutes in the production process of this drug has an inactivating effect on various viruses. This product has passed HBV – DNA, HCV -RNA, HIV – 1 – RNA, HTLV – I – DNA, parvovirus B 19 -DNA nucleic acid amplification test (NAT) in product testing. However, there is a possibility that the virus below the limit is contaminated. Since the possibility of infection by this drug administration can not be denied, observe the course after administration adequately.

(2) There have been no reports of transmission of infections, suchas variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), through theadministration of this product in Japan or abroad to date.Nevertheless, it is theoretically impossible to eliminate therisk of transmission of such agents as vCJD completely whenadministering this product, therefore, a enough explanationshould be made to the patient, and the product administeredonly after thorough examination of the necessity of treatment.

(3) Attention must be paid to the indication of this product, which is for the improvement of liver function in chronic liver diseases, and off-label use should be avoided.

  1. Adverse Reactions
    A total of 10 cases (3.7 %) of adverse reactions or suspected adverse reactions to this product were reported among the 273 patients eligible for safety evaluation in a clinical study performed during implementation of a re-evaluation of drug efficacy (re-examination). The most frequently observed adverse reaction was injection site pain reported in 7 patients (2.6 %), and hypersensitivity (such as rash, fever, and itching), injection site indurations, and gynaecomastia, each in 1 patient (0.4 %). The causal relationship between gynaecomastia and this product is uncertain.
    No abnormal changes in laboratory values were observed.1)

(1) Clinically significant adverse reactions
*Shock (incidence unknown):
Since this product contains proteins, amino acids and others derived from human tissue, it may cause shock. The patient should be carefully monitored, and if any signs of abnormalities are observed, administration should be discontinued immediately and appropriate measures taken.

**(2) Other adverse reactions (in descending order of occurrence)

Injection site pain - 2.56%
Hypersensitivity (rash, fever, itching etc.) - 0.37%
Injection site indurations - 0.37%
Gynaecomastia - 0.37%
Impaired liver function (increased AST, ALT etc.) - Incidence Unknown
Headaches - Incidence Unknown
Note: Administration should be discontinued if impaired liver function is suspected.

  1. Use in the Elderly
    Since elderly patients often have reduced physiological function, it should be administrated with care.
  2. Pediatric use
    The safety of this product in premature infants, newborns, infants, toddlers or children has not been established (No clinical data available).
  3. Overdosage
    Overdosage of this product and the resulting efficacy or safety has not been established (No clinical data available).
  4. Precautions concerning Use
    Injection site:
    In order to avoid any effect on tissue or nerves, this product should be injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly taking the following precautions:
    a) Care should be taken when administering to avoid nerve pathways at the injection site.
    b) In the case of repeated injections, avoid injecting into the same site by alternating left and right sides etc.
    c) On insertion of the needle, if the patient complains of intense pain or if blood backflow is observed, the needle should be removed immediately, and injected into a different site.

Opening the ampoule:
It is desirable to wipe the part of the ampoule to be cut with an ethanol swab before opening.

The following image is a sample image of the ORIGINAL JBP Laennec Japan Inj (For domestic market only)

Each box comes with unique hologram sticker which can be scan using JBP's authentication app.

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Laennec Human Placenta

Consuming and/or injecting fake Laennec products can possibly lead to various negative consequences.
Please always purchase Laennec and JBP products from certified trusted distributors.

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