JBP Curacen

JBP Curacen placenta anti aging inj is the ethical drug specialized for beauty/cosmetic purpose, because of its high penetration capability into the skin as it consists of the lower molecular weight substances from the human placenta. An effective ingredient extracted from human placenta essence and is a pharmaceutical product manufactured by JBP's exclusive technology.

JBP CURACEN placenta inj is made by JBP Korea Yinshi County factory, from the collection of placenta raw materials to the manufacturing process, the most demanding the highest degree of security, the implementation of anti-virus, bacteria and other infections, and the implementation of scientific verification and other means.

Curacen is the first mesotherapy drug for active regeneration of tissues, obtained from the human placenta by a patented molecular fractionation method with the use of nanotechnologies, which provides complete drug safety, purification from ballast components and hormones, while preserving growth factors, low molecular weight peptides , Cytokines, amino acids, nucleic acids and the whole range of useful biologically active substances.

In Comparison of high molecular weight of the cell regeneration effect of LAENNEC, CURACEN in the manufacturing process with the use of different amino acid protein decomposition method to produce, the molecule is very small, is a low molecular placenta inj, easier to accelerate skin absorption.

The Effect of JBP Curacen

  • specifically used for cosmetic purposes.
  • promotes active regeneration of tissues.
  • eliminate and correct the deficiencies of the face or body.
  • increases blood circulation, accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, metabolic processes, normalizes skin breathing.
  • improves skin appearance and complexion, smooths wrinkles, strengthens the contour of the face, restores and supports hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles.
  • accelerates the process of cell division, activates local metabolic processes, normalizes tissue respiration.


Highly absorbing ability, due to low molecular structure. It is recommended for use in iontophoresis, beauty therapy and other cosmetic dermatology.

Pharmaceutical properties: GMP-production standard, molecular placental fractionation, rigid selection of raw materials, state quality control. Already after the first procedure, patients notice an improvement in skin tone and turgor, the disappearance of fine wrinkles, increased moisturizing, tightening and tightening of the facial skin. To achieve the best result and lasting effect, experts recommend taking a course of 4 to 8 procedures, depending on the age and severity of problems with an interval of 1 procedure per week.

Recommended For

  • Maintaining physiological functions and hormone balance
  • Improving metabolism and blood circulation
  • Promoting recovery from fatigue
  • Enhances immunity and resistance
  • Helps synthesis of collagen
  • Keeps and produces healthy skin
  • Main uses include: anti-aging, whitening and pigment maintenance, and anti-wrinkle.

Curacen Inj is valid 3 years from manufacturing date.

Notice for Change in Product Style (Curacen Inj)


All latest Laennec and Curacen comes with QR codes authentication stickers on the box which can be scan using your phone to verified the authenticity.

Users can easily scan and identify the authenticity by Search for the APP name "CheckifReal", and scan the code. (Use only the original app to scan the code)


The sticker will be available on every lot starting year 2019

The following image is a sample image of the sticker on the box.

Notice for Change in Product Style (Curacen Inj)


We have begun shipping Curacen Inj with a hologram security sticker from Korea. The sticker’s sample is shown below.

The security sticker will be placed on every lot starting with LO451603E (EXP2019.05.12).

The following image is a sample image of the hologram on the box.



  1. changes color when moved from horizontal to vertical.
  2. changes color when moved from left to right.

Consuming and/or injecting fake Curacen products can possibly lead to various negative consequences.

Please always purchase Curacen and JBP products from trusted seller.

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