Introduction to Placenta


What we call "placenta" in health foods and cosmetics is not the placenta itself, but the thing that extracted growth factors (growth factor) and other nutrients that promote cell division from the placenta. Amino acids and minerals are abundantly included. There are human origin, bovine origin, etc. depending on the manufacturer of the product.

Haru Skin Japan we only source for Human Placenta which is the highest quality of  all forms of placenta.

Placenta is required by the activity of cell division for various parts of the whole body. Placenta has the magical function of helping our body to recreate new cells for those cells which are damaged, old or weak due to aging, sickness and injuries.

Combined with the regrowth of the cells, it helps to cleanse our body and skin, improve the condition of our body by comprehensive effects such as improvement of blood flow, information transmission substance, hormone balance, etc. It helps to increase energy level in life , physically & mentally.

Beauty effect of placenta
Whitening, anti aging, activate fibroblasts, improve sagging and wrinkles
Promote blood circulation, promote skin rejuvenation by promoting metabolism

The effect of the placenta on physical health
Improvement in physical fitness, fatigue improvement and slimming effect by promoting metabolic function
Improvement of hormonal balance, menopausal disorder, menstrual irregularity etc.

The effect of the placenta on mental health
Prepare autonomic nerves, suppress anxiety and relieve depressive symptoms
Improve stress tolerance

Other Placenta effects
Relieve Hangover, poor awakening, shoulder stiffness, coldness, hyperlipidemia.
It is effective for gingivitis, gastric ulcer, rheumatism, collagen disease, Behcet's disease, back pain, alopecia areata.

Best Human Placenta (Inj) available in the Market are Melsmon Human Placenta Extract , JBP Laennec & JBP Curacen , Super Placenta

Our recommended consumable Human Placenta is Japan JBP Laennec P.O

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