JBP x NISHINORI PEARL JAPAN – Heterogeneous Moisturizing Mask 7 Sheets/Box

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Pearl Placenta Jasmine Essence Mask


お肌の保湿に贅沢な真珠エッセンスをもとに、 さらに株式会社日本生物製剤が西則真珠Japanのたに特別配合し供給された 異種プラセンタ「へテロジニアスプラセンタ」を配合した美容液マスクです。年齢を問わず、深い潤いに包まれる時間を体感してください。

Based on the luxurious pearl essence for moisturizing the skin, Japan Biologics Co., Ltd. specially blends Nishinori Pearl Japan with a heterogeneous placenta “Heterojinius Placenta”.  It is a beauty essence mask. Despite of all ages, surround and pamper your skin in deep moisture.


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HETEROGENEOUS PLACENTA: 馬と猪2種類のプラセンタの性能を強化した異種類強化配合のプラセンタ原料。

HETEROGENEOUS  Promois: PEARL-PF愛媛県宇和島産のアコヤ真珠貝を原料とした加水分解コンキオリン成分を3番目の異種類エキスとして配合

Aromatherapy: 天然ジャスミンエッセンス配合気持ちを和らげ、ストレスを緩和してくれるアロマテラピー効果を持ちます。

ヘテロジ二アス プラセンタ(異種配合プラセンタ)は日本生物製剤が西則真珠JAPAN専用に開発した、


Main ingredients:

The main ingredients of horse placenta and porcine placenta are placenta extract raw materials with enhanced performance.

Japanese pearl oysters from Uwajima, Ehime prefecture are used as raw materials, and hydrolyzed shell protein components are mixed together as a third different kind of extract.

Combined with natural jasmine aroma extract, it has aromatherapy effects to relax tension, soothe the mood and relieve stress.


Delicately unfold the mask. Adjust the position applying from nose to entire face.
Gently apply, stretching up the neck part for maximum lifting result. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes.

Powerful Effect of Pearl Mask:

  • High moisturizing effect- 4D hyaluronic acid from the epidermis to the dermis three-dimensional hydrating and moisturizing from 4 directions
  • Lactic acid fermented grape fruit extract, anti-aging effect on fine lines produced and skin elasticity
  • Promote NMF natural moisturizing factor to produce ceramide, and then produce high moisturizing effect
  • Yuzu Ceramide B, in Japan, its ceramide properties are very close to the human stratum corneum ceramide made by the “Kito Yuzu” brand, and it has a high moisturizing effect
  • The fragrance is combined with natural jasmine flower essence, you can enjoy the natural mild fragrance unique to nature


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